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Flexic Portsmouth web design agency specialists in WordPress, Shopify & Digital business development.

About the company

Flexic Agency was created in early 2021 after director Samuel Hudson sold his share in a successful international marketing agency to pursue creating his own web design & business development agency for local businesses in Portsmouth.

After spending the last few years working for, international & large business clients I wanted to bring the same quality of work for a much affordable price to businesses in the city of Portsmouth.

“My passion for the city & the people in it drives me to build a digital network for all the small businesses to utilise & keep on top of their nearest competitors.”

We specialise in WordPress Development & e-commerce stores such as Shopify & woo-commerce we believe we the cities leading most advanced affordable agency.

Company Goals & Future Direction

Our goal is to give the chance to small/medium sized local businesses the chance to take their digital presence by the horns & offer their services where ever they please. We all know the big boys are here to stay but that doesn’t mean you should not take your share.

We want to offer our services for the best price possible we know there are some cowboys out there but who doesn’t love an old western. Seriously our costs are low but not free we will offer you the best service for the lowest price we can. We pride ourselves that we can work with every budget. As for any powerful website, or small marketing strategy, it’s an investment with the right direction it will start paying for its self almost immediately.

Meet the team

Sam Hudson Director
Charlotte Graphics